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OpenMQTTGateway V0.9.6 out

Big release time, I hope you enjoy it!

This one brings a lot of features and improvements.

  • In particular the support of RTL_433 library to ESP32 thanks to @NorthernMan54. This is a huge addition to the community as this library enables to support a lot of new protocols. More than 75 433Mhz protocols supported with an ESP32 + a CC1101!
    Here is an example with a weather station:

{"model":"WS2032","id":38553,"battery_ok":1,"temperature_C":22.3,"humidity":65,"wind_dir_deg":90.0,"wind_avg_km_h":0,"wind_max_km_h":0,"rain":256,"flags":0,"mic":"CRC","protocol":"WS2032 weather station","rssi":-52,"duration":511982}
  • Also, @csiki2 improved the BLE gateway by adding a queue mechanism, bringing more stability to the gateway, and improving the number of BLE packets transmitted. Thanks to this, the gateway can now be configured for the continuous scan (TimeBtwRead:0, Scan_duration:1000) and catch easily BLE PIR and door/window sensors events.
  • Regarding the BLE gateway, sensor devices are now created automatically in Home Assistant so as to gather their entities. You can add directly these devices from configuration->devices into your Lovelace UI. Thanks, @titilambert, and @francisp.

But that’s not all, let’s take a deeper look at all the new devices, boards, and features!

New devices:

New boards:

New features:

Under the hood:



Deprecate - items that will be removed on the next release:

  • SimplePublishing and simpleReceiving methods will be removed see why here

Amazing! Can’t wait to try it out on my ble and my RF gateways. Thanks!

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