OpenMQTTGateway v0.9.9 is out

What’s Changed

Among new devices and boards this release brings some exciting features like the capability to connect and control a BLE device like a switchbot, here is a sample command for the SWITCHBOT S1:

  "ble_write_address": "FF:AA:BB:FF:DD:EE",
  "ble_write_service": "cba20d00-224d-11e6-9fb8-0002a5d5c51b",
  "ble_write_char": "cba20002-224d-11e6-9fb8-0002a5d5c51b",
  "ble_write_value": "570100",
  "value_type": "HEX",
  "ttl": 4,
  "immediate": true

OMG has been supporting for a long time reading of BLE broadcasters, we can also read data through a BLE connection but being able to act on a BLE device is something new. Opening a lot of possibilities and use cases like controlling BLE actuators, lights, valves, plugs…
Feel free to test and share your snippets of OMG command for the others!
Do you like BBQ? So get ready for the sunny months and set up your meat cooking monitoring thanks to 3 Inkbird BBQ sensors supported.
You wanted to analyze your HASS entities data on a long-term basis and you didn’t set up a separate DB to store those, you now have the support of long-term statistics into HASS directly with the auto-discovery.
You are a professional looking for an ESP32 firmware that can integrate to AWS and send sensor data, OMG now supports this type of integration.
But that’s not all, here is the exhaustive list of improvements!



  • ThermoBeacon WS08
  • ThermoBeacon WS02
  • BlueMaestro TempoDisc
  • INKBIRD 6XS and 2X BBQ sensor support
  • GOVEE H5075, H5072 and H5102




  • [BREAKING] Change unique id structure for HASS discovery by @1technophile in #1147
    You will see duplicate entities if you use HASS autodiscovery, explanation here
  • [BREAKING] Differentiate WM version by @1technophile in #1148
    If you are using your own PlatformIO environment you will need to add the link to the suitable wifimanager library directly into your environment library list:
lib_deps =


lib_deps =


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Full Changelog: v0.9.8…v0.9.9


Looks very good, tks

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esp32-wt32-eth01 - can i use it for RF + IR?
Can you add also CO2 MH-Z19 sensor?

I would advise to check that the gpio for these modules are free on this board, if yes your best chance is to try it and develop the sensor integration.