(Option 1) Upload - for older versions

Now that version 1.5.0 is featured on the (Option 1) Upload page, Is there an easy way to revert to 1.4.0 for testing?
I ended up using (Option 2) and esptool.py on windows to revert to 1.4.0 for testing. I worked but was quite a bit more complicated to download the correct files and modify the esptool.py command.

The easiest way is to download the binary from the release page : https://github.com/1technophile/OpenMQTTGateway/releases

Erase the settings to trigger the config portal:

Reconnect to the wifi config portal, click update and select the binary previously downloaded
Wait a few minutes and you should be good with the downloaded release

Thanks for your reply. The link takes me to the v1.5.0 page. I’m sorry to be so daft, but I can’t figure out how to get to the v1.4.0 page. Duh…

If you scroll down, you will find the previous releases. Here is the direct link also:

I’m sorry, but I don’t see and a choice like (Option 1) Upload when I scroll down to the 1.4.0 release. I see 180 assets that have the files for the lilygo-rtl_433-firmware.bin and lilygo-rtl_433-partitions.bin. I used these with boot_app0.bin and bootloader_dio_80m.bin and followed the (Option 2) instructions with esptool.py. That worked but is there an easier way to do it. Am I still missing something? Thanks for your patience.