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Oregon RTGN318 support

I have a RXB6 I would like to use for my RF gateway.
I know it is serviceable because I installed RFLink on a Arduino Mega and I can see messages coming (from a weather station) with this wiring documented on RFlink website:
RXB6 Pin 1 = Antenna
RXB6 Pin 5 = MEGA tx2/Pin 16 (RX VCC)
RXB6 Pin 7 = MEGA rx1/Pin 19 (RX Data)
RXB6 Pin 8 = Ground

If I want to use the same RXB6 and plug it on my ESP32 loaded with OMG (RF Gateway activated), how should I proceed? I can’t see anything coming with this wiring:
RXB6 Pin 1 = Antenna
RXB6 Pin 5 = Vin (+5V)
RXB6 Pin 7 = Pin 27
RXB6 Pin 8 = Ground

Thanks for your help.

My ESP32 layout:


Are you sure your board deliver 5V on Vin?

An alternative is to power your receiver with the 3v3 pin.
You can try also the other compatible ESP32 pin for the RX data indicated in the doc

Yes. I even tried to use the ESP32 power while reading data on the Mega.

No more luck with this one.

Do you mean the pin D26? If yes, I just tried it without success. I’m out of idea, I could try all pins but if you have a better idea…


Are you sure your weather station is compatible with OpenMQTTGateway?

No, I’m not. But shouldn’t I receive at least raw data when I activate the RF gateway? Or is there a way to see 433MHz raw data with OMG?

I’ve been able to check that the issue is not related to the power: by plugging simultaneously the Mega (loaded with RFlink) and the ESP32 (loaded with OMG+RF+WeatherStation), I can see clear messages coming on the Mega but almost none on the ESP32, just one pairing message which gives hope. So I confirm it might be a good thing to see raw messages on the ESP, if able…


No there is no way to see raw data with RF gateway.

Did you tried the Weather station one ?

Yes I did. I currently have IR+RF+WeatherStation activated and all I see is few messages like this one every hour or so:

12:06:05.124 -> N: Subject: /433toMQTT
12:06:05.124 -> N: Received json : {“sensor”:15,“temperature”:0,“humidity”:0,“battery”:“OK”}
12:06:05.218 -> N: Received json : {“sensor”:15,“temperature”:0,“humidity”:0,“battery”:“OK”}

In the meantime, on the Mega with RFLink, I see:

12:06:04.343 -> 20;54;Oregon TempHygro;ID=CC31;TEMP=00ee;HUM=51;HSTATUS=1;BAT=OK;
12:06:57.335 -> 20;55;Oregon TempHygro;ID=CC31;TEMP=00ee;HUM=51;HSTATUS=1;BAT=OK;

I’m not even sure it comes from my sensor and don’t understand why only a few random messages are sent to MQTT and not other. I would love to spend time and try to add support for my sensor (Oregon RTGN318) to your great project, but without raw messages it’s almost impossible, I guess ? :unamused:

May you try to deactivate the RF gateway, it is possible that it prevent the Weather station one from receiving signals.

Yes, here is what I get:

15:00:07.798 -> N: RF_WS_RECEIVER_PIN 27
15:00:07.798 -> Data pin 27
15:00:07.798 -> N: Setup OpenMQTTGateway end
15:00:07.798 -> W: MQTT connection…
15:00:09.860 -> N: Connected to broker
15:02:05.519 -> N: Subject: /SYStoMQTT
15:02:05.519 -> N: Received json : {“uptime”:120,“version”:“v0.9.4beta”,“freeMem”:208200,“rssi”:-53,“SSID”:“xxxx”,“ip”:“”,“mac”:“xxxx”,“wifiPrt”:0,“modules”:“WeatherStation”}

The last 2 messages are repeated every 2 minutes and no other message is displayed.

I’m interested in the weather station support, let me a little time to dig on that and I will come back to you.

Great, can’t wait :heart_eyes:

May you give me the brand and model of your weather station? Idealy a link to it.

An alternative is to use Pilight gateway, it supports these weather stations

Oregon RTGN318. I can’t find any relevant link, but this is the manual of another weather station than mine, sold with RTGN318 as well. You might find some useful info inside.

It it can help, I could provide you with some raw data from RFLink, like this one for example:



20;9F;Oregon TempHygro;ID=CC31;TEMP=00df;HUM=49;HSTATUS=1;BAT=OK;

May you try ZgatewayPilight, it support more weather stations, even if yours is not listed?

Done, I’ve got nothing more with only ZgatewayPilight activated :frowning_face:

Bad luck, seems that your weather station is not supported :frowning_face:
With Pilight you have a way of gathering raw data if you want to try (raw and debug):

Let me advise that it could be a long path.

Thanks, I’ll try soon. But don’t you think RFlink raw data is explicit enough?

Good news (I guess): I can see the messages with Pilight_raw!

For instance, with Pilight_raw I see:

12:16:50.510 -> RAW signal: 642 334 1126 828 1125 341 630 832 637 340 1131 823 1115 838 1128 826 1131 821 1127 826 1144 810 1131 821 1134 332 627 838 1142 811 630 347 1126 826 1125 341 627 836 653 325 1115 838 1117 835 1135 819 1130 823 1121 833 1122 343 649 815 1126 827 654 322 1118 835 1127 338 649 816 1126 826 651 326 1142 811 1126 827 1133 822 1125 827 1126 340 656 808 638 340 1123 342 634 829 633 344 1128 826 1126 826 1144 809 1119 347 639 826 639 336 1148 806 1132 332 637 828 633 344 1126 339 636 828 634 343 1129 337 650 813 638 340 1133 819 1122 343 171 2888 115 4197 7522
12:16:50.557 -> string format: c:012321030123232323232323210323012321030123232323232103230123210323012323232321030121030123232321030123210301210301210301232145467;p:642,334,1126,828,171,2888,4197,7522@

And with RFLink:

12:16:50.416 -> 20;02;Oregon TempHygro;ID=CC31;TEMP=0104;HUM=33;HSTATUS=2;BAT=OK;

Would you mind giving me the basic guidelines on how to make OMG able to support my station? I can spend some time trying to understand the protocol and coding it if I know which OMG files I should modify.