Parrot Flower Power

First, thank you for this fantastic project for making home automation so much fun and easy to work with. Recently, I found a couple of these devices “Parrot Flower Power” that I bought years ago. This device was one of the first devices used to monitor the condition of plants. This initiated my thinking of connecting my plants to the home automation network too. After some information digging, I found a couple of projects that read the data from the device into MQTT, but those are used with a raspberry pi. I think the use of ESP32 is much more handy and I hope the auther of OMG can consider to include the support of “Parrot Flower Power”. Thanks!

Fortunately I have one, I just need to figure out if it is still working as I use to let it outside :frowning:

I don’t have a Parrot Flower exatly but a Xiaomi Ropot,
unfortunately mine doesn’t advertize its data (contrary to Mi Flora or other Xiaomi products), so I need to figure out the connection scheme and implement it into OMG.

Thank you for looking into it! I have to crack it myself with my beginner skill then.