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Pilight and IR HA Autodiscovery not working


the senors gatewayir and gatewaypilight only show unknown.

My env:

platform = ${com.esp32_platform}
board = esp32dev
lib_deps =
build_flags = 
  ;'-DLOG_LEVEL=LOG_LEVEL_TRACE'  ; Enable trace level logging

As far as i can tell i should see messages with the topic


but MQTT Explorer does not show such messages.

I upgraded my OMG from ESP8266 to ESP32 and it worked with the ESP8266 so it seems i did something wrong here but i can’t find my error.

You were able to retrieve RF data and/or discovery data ?

Homeassistant discovered the Gateway and receives RF data. But if i click a button on my RF or IR remote no switch is generated automagically.

Could you try without this ?

I tried with my esp8266 gateway with pretty much the same configuration (no cc1101, its such a heterodyne receiver).

Without valueAsASubject the sensors gatewayir and gatewaypilight get updates but switches are not created.

btw. A MiBand appeared in my HA Config that doesn’t belong to me. So BT discovery seems to work very well.

I don’t think we have discovery of switch or sensors with Pilight.

Didn’t look at the rf code… now things got clear :laughing:

I saw it in some Videos but they used rf than. I had some switches in my HA like switch.12245323 and thought they had been created via OMG autodiscovery.

Thank you

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