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Pilight MQTT repeater?

Hi there. Thanks for all the effort with this project.

Installed OMG 0.9 to ESP32 Dev board with 433 modules. Pilight is working great (besides the weird escaping of Mqtt commands) but I wonder how I could make OMG to repeat incoming pilight messages.

Looking forward to ideas.

Great to heard some feedback about Pilight, for my curiosity could you indicate the system you integrated with?

You mean If OMG receive an RF signal with Pilight to emit this signal with Pilight?

Thanks for the fast response and thank you for this project. I played around with mqtt433gateway and love the simplicity for sending/receiving messages (and the web gui of course). I recently installed OMG 0.9 to an esp8266 and esp32. I played around with RXB6 and STX882 / SRX882.

Something like that. Right now I have a mqtt433gateway like 20 meters away and a mqtt433gateway / and OMG next to each other.

#define ZgatewayPilight "Pilight" (no other active!)

A) OMG-0.9 - ESP32 <-- 1.5m --> B)MQTT433GW - ESP8266
<- 20m ->
C) MQTT433GW - ESP8266
  • A sending: B and C receiving
  • B sending: only C receiving (bad antenna)
  • C sending: A and B receiving

OMG is receiving and sending Pilight signal from/to both 433GW, C is receiving Pilight signal from OMG really good.
When sending with B i can see OMG receiving the message but C won’t be receiving that message from B (due to my bad antenna design) so it would be great to repeat that signal with OMG. Hope you understand my horrible explanation?!

By the way: is it possible that ESP32 is more sensitive / better receiving that ESP8266?

It’s quite clear, and it really make sense for OMG to add the repeat functionnality with Pilight (it is already present for RF and IR)

Could you open a feature request in github please?

Done that.

BTW - can you confirm that ESP32 is more sensitive to RF or is this just my imagination?

This is the first time I’ve heard about that, ,by sensitive you are talking about range isn’t it?

Apparently the Pilight repeater functionality is already implemented.
Could you guys explain to me what exactly does that?
I can’t fully understand the idea (and purpose of that) and this info isn’t clear to me as well…

The goal is to forward signals received so as to extend the range of the emitting device, it can be used either with IR or RF.
Please note that for Pilight we are missing a modification at library level

But if it emits exactly what it just received, doesn’t it create a loop?