Pool temp 433mhz

Anyone try something like this
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Hello @Moshe_Perez

In my side I didn’t had the chance to test it

Just ordered one… will let you know when it arrives and I can test it

hi together i have bougt this pool thermometer and now i want use the openmqtt Gateway with 433 MHz can you give me a tip to make this. i want include it with a wemos d1 and a 433 mhz module. I hope it will work

if you want i can give a link to bought it for 29 euro


Received it. Unfortunately, tried openmqtt in RF or pilight and none of the two detected anything.
Tried on a laptop with an SDR and with rtl_433 and it was immediately detected as a WT0124 Pool Thermometer, transmitting every 30 seconds. rtl_433 was able to decode the temperature out of the box.
Is there anything I can provide to help getting this supported in openmqttgateway?

Yes you could provide the raw extract and a picture of what you are seeing on the thermometer in the meantime.

Actually, can maybe do better than that.
Below is the src from rtl_433 for that device; it includes a breakdown of the signal format.
Note I learnt that WT0124 and WT0122 are the same (just missing the solar panel on the transmitter), so this’d cover both.

In any case, got the dump now too, for temperature 27.4

> model     : WT0124 Pool Thermometer                Random ID : 186           Channel   : 1             Temperature: 27.4 C       Integrity : CHECKSUM
> Data      : 20
> pulse_demod_pwm(): WT0124 Pool Thermometer 
> bitbuffer:: Number of rows: 4 
> [00] { 8} ff                   : 11111111 
> [01] {49} 5b aa a2 9f cc 14 80 : 01011011 10101010 10100010 10011111 11001100 00010100 1
> [02] { 8} ff                   : 11111111 
> [03] {49} 5b aa a2 9f cc 14 80 : 01011011 10101010 10100010 10011111 11001100 00010100 1

Any luck with this one? Is the info enough, or can I provide anything else?


Hello again,

now i have the next Pool Time Session. I have build a openmqttgateway with RF and now i see some data in the Serial Monitor but i don´t know how i can decode the data now. Can anybody give me a tip