Presence through OMG with Home Assistant

Hi all this is my first topic. I wanted to set up a device_tracker for my youngest daughter who has no phone, using a BLE beacon (a " Nut" ). Setting up Bluetooth LE Tracker - Home Assistant on my raspberry pi located nothing at all. Hence OMG. I managed to upload OMG 0.9.5 into an ESP32 with CC1101 for RF. I spent hours longer than necessary because it turned out my USB cable had no data wires (argh!).But now all is well.

I couldn’t find any instructions for this use case so I did it detecting the " distance" of the nut as received by OMG, two automations for numeric state >10m and <10m, republishing Home and Away back to Mosquitto. Then this MQTT Device Tracker - Home Assistant technique works. I’ll also have to consider case of BLE beacon going from <10m to not being seen for a while by OMG, and I am not sure how to do that.

Is there a simpler way?

You are not alone :wink:

I’m not using OMG for presence detection, but maybe other users can help here