Problem with the Sonof RM433

I have the Sonoff RF Bridge flashed With Tasmota and Portisch (latest Versions) and set to RfRaw 166 mode.
It workes well with various 433MHz Devices that I have around the house, from different manufacturers.
Then I bought a Sonoff D1 dimmer which comes with the Sonoff RM433 remote Control.
I put the D1 in LAN-Mode (DIY) and it works well in the sense that I can control it using the remote, as well as from my PC using HTTP REST API Calls.

Now to my problem: When I press keys on the RM433 remote, I was expecting something to be picked up by the RF Bridge, but absolutely nothing happens. WHy is it that the 433MHz data sent by the RM433 remote Control appears to be invisible to my Sonoff RF Bridge?

Many thanks in advance

Can anything be done to enable the bridge to see the Remote?

Many thanks in advane.

This forum is for OpenMQTTGateway firmware, you will have more chance of answers in the Tasmota forum.

If you want to use OpenMQTTGateway I would recommend the RF gateway.

Well, my issue isn’t depending on whether OMG or Z2M or W2M is used. I posted here based on the blog written about the RFBridge/RM433 combo which is exactly what I use too - hoping for a quick solution.