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Project with Lora / Sensors

Hi guys, actually i am looking someone that use gateway Lora with some sensors.
I want to build reed swicht lora, but i dont know how i can to that with this gateway.
Anyone to share experiences?



I will do it like that, take two LORA boards like the ones below:

The first one will be the node with the reed switch
The second one will be the gateway

On the first one modify this program to make it read a reed switch and send the switch position when modified.

On the second one load OMG with ZgatewayLORA activated.

You should be able to receive the position of the switch on your MQTT broker.

Hi thanks for your reply. i have already order that loraboards, i hope next week start this project with your help.

@1technophile hi, my lora devices arrived today, so can i upload this:


Did you checked if they are working properly ?
One should send hello msgs and the other should receive them ?


Yes, i tested it and everthing works great.

Perfect, now you can upload in the receiver one OpenMQTTGateway binary ttgo-lora32-v1-firmware.bin
by following these instructions:

And setting up the parameters.

And after this you should be able to receive the message from the sender TTGO.

If i understood, i need to flash that bin in the receiver board.
but the file partions.bin is not missing?

And i need to know which code i should to send to sender board,i have reed switch too.

You can find it on the release page:

Let’s do it step by step :wink:

At moment i have some difficult to flash the device.
When i push button START doesnt happen.

You must add the adress in the red input fields as stated in the docs.

my bad :wink:

its alive, next step? :slight_smile:

Do you receive the lora data from the emitter one?

I didn’t do anything to the emitter. I have the source firmware that he came from China.
I didnt receive any msg.

ok, as I’m not sure on the program flashed on the emitter, could follow this tutorial:

Ok , i will try… and post feedback.

Ok, it works.


Now you can keep this working example and start from it so as to add your sensor.

Search for an Arduino Reed switch sketch, test it alone only with the serial monitor. And after merge the 2.

this is weird.
I only get messages if I have the boards nearby. 10cm
if I push them away, I don’t get messages anymore.
Regarding the reed swich code I need help in this sense because I do not understand programming.

That’s strange indeed. You may try to change the txpower on the emitter.
Do you have other 868mhz antennas to try with ?