Raspi vs arduino

Hi Folks,

I might have just been unlucky so far but wanted to double check there wasn’t something wrong with my setup.

I’m currently using rtl_433 running on a pi with this command:

rtl_433 -f 433.920M -F json -M utc -R 81 -R 83

I’m looking to swap to arduino however with the two units next to each other the pi has received the data, the arduino hasn’t.
It might be due to antenna placement etc but wanted to confirm I hadn’t made a mistake on arduino side. (Pretty sure the device is supported it’s 81 or 83 for rtl_433 with I think is noted as supported?)

I know arduino is receiving some signals as it picked up neighbours weather station (which is way further away which is what i found odd)

Ordered and installed a new larger antenna.

Still with no luck. Am I missing something obvious?

If anyone stumbles onto this, I’ve had a further look and my guess is it’s maybe FSK vs OOK. I’ve used default env for: lilygo-rtl_433. I’ll adjust and confirm either way

Yes, both the Oil Ultrasonic STANDARD ASK and Oil Ultrasonic STANDARD FSK decoders are listed under the FSK section.

Just to confirm this will just be a case of adding these lines to environments.ini?


Correct, as in the lilygo-rtl_433-fsk environment :wink:

Thanks what was confusing me is the lilygo fsk in environment.ini has frequency of 915…
Thought I might be missing something

Obviously the frequency needs to be set according to the device(s) intended to be received, and also for the correct LilyGo version. It can, however, also be changed after an installation in the WebUI.