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I’m want to use OpenMqttGateway to use as a ir extender With optional mqtt functions.

I’ve seen soms options in the config_IR.h file.
What does the RawDirectForward do. Is it retransmitting the signal from the reciver pin to the emitter pin ?
And i have a lot of unknow devices
So i have pubIRunknownPrtcl true also enabled.
Is this working with RawDirectForward ?

Thanx a lot,


Yes exactly

Yes, this is not linked

Hello Florian,

Thanx for the answers. The RawDirectForward is not working well.
I dit a short cut on the electronics becuase is have no transisor.
I have orderd them i hope i can test to morrow. Maybay the board is not powerfull enough to recive and transmit at the same time.