Receiver issues, MX-RM-5V and RXB6


I have just discovered openmqttgateway and I am amazed how good it is but i’m having a bit of a problem getting my rf receiver working.

I have some rf sockets and found the codes by using the rpi-rf code on my raspberry pi. I am able to receive & transmit codes using a RXB6 and a HTX-1. Great !

I then installed openmqttgateway on a NodeMCU and that’s where the problems start.
I can transmit ok, however I cant receive anything through my RXB6. I tried sawpping out the transmitter to a weaker MX-RM-5V and it works fine.

I know there is nothing wrong with my circuit as I have built it on veroboard to remove the possibility of bad connection. The RXB6 works ok with my raspberry pi so the receiver is ok. I just cant get the more powerful receiver working on my PCB.

Im powering my PCB from my PC and have a stable 5V going to it. Im powering the receiver from 5V and using a voltage divider dropping the signal voltage down to 3v.

Can anyone help?




Did you try several pins on your nodemcu like D1 or D2 ?
Don’t forget to modify config_RF.h


Yes I tried different pins & adjusting my code. I can literally unplug one receiver and plug in the other. The weaker MX-RM-5V works ok but the more powerful RXB6 does nothing.:thinking:



Do you have several rxb6 to test it seems that there is a lot of defectives ones ?

My advise is to go to srx882 if you don’t find the problem.


Unfortunatly I only have the one RXB6 module but I know it works as i’m able to receive signals ok using the rpi-rf code on my raspberry pi. Its just when I attach it to my NodeMCU that it stops receiving


could you post a photo of your setup please to check the wiring?