Repeater Gateway rtl_433

would it be possible to have also a low power repeater (gateway) without wifi or (wifi disabled) for rtl_433 devices to extend the range and then mqtt? meshtastic style

Idealy we should be able to change the transport layer to enable choosing between LoRa, BLE, or ESPNow

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I had request from a kite center rene egli kite in fuerteventura they want to place a windstation but the distance …station gateway is about 300 meters guess i cant get the datas 433 or 868Mhz with such a distance.
only lorawan or a yagi antenna pro …can handle this only on the lora net i cant send in short intervals.
a solar batt. powered mesh repeater for rtl_433 devices would be amazing .

Rtl_433 to espnow → espnow to mqtt could be an interesting option

im on this one now

espnow is only 220 meters or?
I guess a rtl-433 lora sender and reciever mqtt solution with the ttgo will cover distance between 400-800 meters easy or

Ideas is several hundreds, never tested the range yet

im confused but i have a question would it be possible to get rtl_433 on meshtastic ? transmit the data the same style like meshtastic and the gateway is connected to wifi and mqtt???
or transport the data with the Meshtastic serial module function. TTGO rtl_433 connected serial to a Meshtastic node and than Mqtt?

Davis sales a repeater (Wireless Repeater with Solar Power - SKU 7627) for 375USD thats crazy
it would be great to have a cheap IoT device repeater.

It is possible yes but not implemented

Would it be possible with help from this community to check whats the best cleanest way to connect a openmqtt rtl_433 board serial to a meshtastic node connect to another meshtastic node and then mqtt?

with TTGO Lora v2.1?

Do you mean 2 gateways:


with meshtastic could be many nodes depend on the distance. who the datas need to be transported.
connect a TTGo openmqtt rtl_433 serial with a Meschtastic TTGo Board serial interface.
on Meshtastic you can config. your own MQTT server on the last node. in our case it will be our app mqtt but i could be also a Homeassistant mqtt

So you are thinking more of:

  1. RTL_433toSerial
  2. SerialtoMESHTASTIC


yes so data output rx tx on the openmqtt board. with defined baudrate etc would be great

I got ws80 over Meshtastic setup ttgo openmqtt rtl_433 serial connected to a TTG Meshtastic transfer the data to a RAK4631 Meshtastic node

Interesting, do you use the logs of openmqttgateway for the serial ?

Yes i just send the logs
so tomorrow i do a distance test today i had like 200 meters but without line of sight.
on Mesht. there is a default serial mode with a channel serial with this setup everything who comes in should go out this was not working but the serial msg function works.
would it be possible to have a data option in the serial logging confinguration? that only rtl_433 datas get on the serial or what would be a clean setup?to keep it simple

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Just tested also the Heltec rtl-433 serial connected to a TTGO Meshtastic it works also fine.