RF 433 and 315 setup

Hi There,

I have a strange issue where all incoming 315Mhz signals are showing up in MQTT as 433: home/OpenMQTTGateway/433toMQTT.

I have both RF and RF315 active in the user_config.h file as I want to receive and send both. I have defined different pins for both receivers and emitters.

RF setup ok

If I change the order of method calls in the main loop so that the 315 method is called before the RF method I get the proper message.


Could you indicate the board you are using?

I am using an docreate esp32 devkit 1 board. I should also mention that it doesn’t matter what pin I specify for 433 receive, even if it’s a pin with nothing on it, the 433 receive event always got fired. I thought at first it must be an issue with global variables in the code, but I see they are both named differently and should operate independently. If I comment out the RF module or change the function order in the polling loop, the 315 receive event is triggered like I am expecting.

Also neither 433 or 315 receives when both modules are plugged in - if I remove one the other receives…

Unfortunately most of the users are using either 315 either 433 but not both, I think you found an issue showing that we canno’t instantiate 2 rcswitch instances with 2 different interrupt pins.