Rf and rf315 don't both work

I cannot get both the rf module and the rf315 module to work at the same time. Each works if the other is commented out in User_config.h . and it doesn’t matter if I’m using version 0.8.1 or 0.9beta.

I get no compile errors.

Clone D1 mini board set as Lolin/Wemos D1, R2 & mini

for the rf module
#ifdef ESP8266
#define RF_RECEIVER_PIN 0 // D3 on nodemcu
#define RF_EMITTER_PIN 3 // RX on nodemcu

for the rf315 module
#ifdef ESP8266
#define RF315_RECEIVER_PIN 13 // D3 on nodemcu //// also tried on other pins - no behavior diff.
#define RF315_EMITTER_PIN 12 // RX on nodemcu

the board connects to my wifi and conects to the mosquitto server and if only 1 module is enable it decodes the push buttons and sends a mqtt message. If both modules are enabled the board is deaf to rf input.

Am I missing some other config setting?


hmm, did you tested emitting also?

I have not wired up the transmitters yet.

The 433 MHz is just a Digoo pushbutton to tell home assistant to toggle the living room lights so I don’t have to open a phone app to do that after i’m in bed.
The 315 MHz will be used to control some costco wireless outlets in the future.
I’m just testing and getting ready at the moment.

It is possible that we have a callback conflict between 433mhz receiving and 315mhz receiving. I will wait for the feedback on emitters if you d’ont mind to have the whole picture before investigating

no problem. I’ll try to get them wired today.

I’ve wired in the 315 MHz xmiter.
using mosquitto_pub -h ran.local -t 'home/OpenMQTTGateway/MQTTto315' -m 1315156

I see it command being published by the mqtt server (ran.local) but get no RF and no indication on the serial console connected to the Wemos D1 that it saw the MQTTto315 message. (I’m using rtl_433 to see what is transmitted over the air)

When I added in #define repeatRFwMQTT true to User_config.h I see the command re-transmitted.

nb. the dongle I’m using to send the rf command repeats the command 3 time. On the console I see
15:27:52.113 -> isAduplicate?
15:27:52.113 -> --don’t pub. duplicate–
Rcv. RF315
15:27:52.212 -> isAduplicate?
15:27:52.212 -> --don’t pub. duplicate–
but the code is re-transmitted via RF 3 times by the Wemos D1.
The mqtt message is only sent once to the mqtt server but as

home/OpenMQTTGateway/MQTTto433 1315156
notice the MQTTto433 it should be MQTTto315 as it’s coming from the 315 receiver.

the 433 MHz receiver is deaf at this time.

nb: #define repeatRFwMQTT true is defined in config_RF.h not in user_config.h as your howto states


There is a missing “commands” word into your subject, you should check this doc

thank you my 433 xmitter now sends data over the air.

I will try to find the page that I copied the command without the command in it and forward it to you. I just did a copy and paste from one page of your documents.

btw. Nicely Done! thank you.