RF commands not working in beta


After getting version 0.8 to work I wanted to try the beta. But I couldn’t make the commands work. Did the commands changed somehow? In config_RF.h changed the pin but changing this back didn’t work either? Any hints? Thank you!


Are you using jsonpublishing or simplepublishing?


I tried it with the commands I’m using on 0.8


Could you give me some sample commands that you are using ?



mosquitto_pub -u user -P password -t home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTto433 -m 1364


I just tried your command with a small change on the value with the following configuration

  • code from master
  • #define simplePublishing true uncommented
  • #define jsonPublishing true uncommented

And it worked for the 2 commands that I have sent to my esp8266 (the switch plug changed its state)

Not able to send any RF data