RF emiter & IR emmiter not working



OMG is using rc-switch and New remote switch libaries for RF transmission:

You could find there more details about supported RF protocols. For example, my light switches uses EV1527 protocol which is supported by RC-Switch.

These switches I use:


Hi everyone,

I made Milan’s 360 setup and it works great. It has a very good range.
Now, I noticed something strange looking trough my phone camera. LED’s are lit all the time. They are very dimmed, but on.
When I publish MQTT command, it works normally. Lokking through cammera, all LED’s flash brighter, and go back to constantly on.
Anyone else expiriencing this? Is this normal behavior?
At first I thought my transistor was blown, and I replaced it, but i get same thing… Then I thought, if it is blown it wouldn’t send the signal, right?. I’m not so good with electronics obviously :slight_smile:

Any thoughts?


You are using arduino or esp8266?


ESP8266 on Nodemcu v3.


Would you please send photo of both sides of your IR setup. How you power IR setup & node mcu?


Here are the photos of my board. Resistors are 47R, 75R and 1K. Transistor is 2n2222. IR diodes are TSHF5410 5mm, Clear, 44°.

I power it with 5V 2A adapter. I power the Nodemcu over Vin, and i power the board directly from charger.


Did you try to remove transistor and check if LEDs light? Also, did you try setup with different resistor (replace 1K with 150ohm).
It is not normal that LED light all time (in my configuration)


Hi Milan,

I replaced 1K with 150 and problem is solved. Works ok.