RF emiter & IR emmiter not working


I try to upgrade OpenMQTTgateway to v0.7 from first, inital version but I found that RF & IR emitter not working (only receivers). My configuration in config files is:

#define IR_RECEIVER_PIN 2 // put 2 = D4 on nodemcu,
#define IR_EMITTER_PIN 14 // 14 = D5 on nodemcu
#define RF_EMITTER_PIN 4 //put 4 = D2 on nodemcu,
#define RF_RECEIVER_PIN 5 // 5 = D1 on nodemcu

I comment all Zmodules except RF & IR.

Hardware works becuase when I rollback to first OpenMQTTgateway emmiters & receivers working. I can not change GPIO wiring, is it possible to have working GTW with my initial PIN configuration?

Board: Node MCU 1.0 (ESP8266)

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yes you can change the pinout on config_RF.h and config_IR.h to put the same pin as version you are using.


I tried but still dont work. I think that maybe some remaping was performed because I2C interface introduction and other sensors.

Where in the code I could check this?

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hmm there is no other changes in pinout, could you post you new config files, the previous one and a photo of your setup? (don’t forget to remove credentials)


I made mistake when copy libaries so after new setup in Arduino everything works!
Thank you for fast support

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Woow very nice 360 IR setup !

Interested in this 360 ir , would you show the Wiring diagram and howto? Thanks

Parts list

IR LED, 7 pcs
Q1: 2N2222A
RC: 47 ohm, 3 pcs
RC7x: 150 ohm, 2 pcs
RB: 1k ohm, 1 pcs


RC= (Vin-2Vled)/I_led= 45 ohm -> RC=47 ohm
Rc7=(Vin-Vled-Vce/ILED=(5.2-1.3-0.27)/501000=78.6 ohm -> Rc7=Rc71 || Rc72, Rc71=Rc72=150 ohm
Rbmax =(Vlogic-Vbe)/IB=(Vlogic-Vbe)/(4
ILED)hFE= (3.3-0.8)/0.2100= 1250 ohm -> RB=1Kohm

Implementation (look attached photo)

Circuit board is Stripboard/Veroboard type, copper traces runs verticaly:

· Black X marks represents spots where vertical copper traces are broken off using drill bit,

· Black horizontal lines represents jummpers

· Red and Silver dots next to IRxx labels represents IR LED diodes Anode and Cathode respectively

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Thanks for your share ! I’m not good at the Circuit diagram . According to my understanding,

Am I missing something? It doesn’t work

Scheme looks good. Please check GPIO PIN used first, than look on your mobile phone with camera on to see if you have white light when send signal. Are you using MQTT GW?

If you are using MQTT open GW please check following:

  1. In file User_config.h check if you decomment this line: #define ZgatewayIR “IR”

  2. Check wiring (used GPIO PIN) and setup in file
    #ifdef ESP8266
    #define IR_RECEIVER_PIN 2
    #define IR_EMITTER_PIN 16

  3. Check if libs you import to ardino ide are ok.

  4. Check MQTT topic is ok (User_config.h)

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Yes I had a working IR with OMG and now I replaced with the new broad, but it doesn’t work. The range of the your new broad is good?

Yes, try to measure to see if everything is ok

I am on vocation currently, I could send you more photos next week if you dont find solution.

I flash a new nodemcu with Omg, and connect to the board, it’s working!
But change the Previous one it doesn’t work.
If you can share more photos that’s pretty good!

Nice to hear that your IR360View driver is working! Will be nice if OMG future realeses should be aligned with last IR8266 lib because I found some issues with Panasonic AC decoding in this IR lib version.

I will share photos next week.

That’s working now, but the ir range is poor , about 1m, is there any way to increase it??

You have issue with Transmitter or Receiver?
Please find photo

Are you sure that you power driver with 5V?

Now everything is OK except The infrared emission distance is a bit short, only about 1 meter.
The power is 5V.

How much can your infrared emission distance reach?


I didnt perform distance tests so I dont know what is maximum distance but what I know is that distance between my TV and OMG is approx. 2.5m. Also, OMG receive signal from my TV remote on distance approx 3m.

These IR diodes I used for emitter:
5mm 940nm IR Infrared Emitting Round Tube Light diode


and this is used for Receiver:
IR Receiver 38 kHz Remote Infrared Radiation Module TSOP4838 DIP-3

Please let me know if I could help you with additional information

This is awesome work here guys! RF & IR as of today are such important in home automation. How I wish OMG supported Broadlink RM Pro. Anywho, I will attempt to make something like Milan did and add a RF transmiter and receiver.

@Milan_Pfandler can you tell me if it learns raw code as output by a remote and store it for replay later via MQTT message? for unknown protocols.