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Rf gateway esp32-32 wiring no pin 27 for RF receiver

hi i try to set up my first rf gtw and im not sure how to connect it
i try output D from receiver connect to UOR but i can’t see any transmission :confused: somene can help me ? when i connect rf receiver to rpi i see rf codes. on schema i can’t find 27/26 pins on my esp32-cam module.
im newbe so forgive me :wink: pin 27 is gpio 17 if i see god but on ess32-cam i dont have such pin

so can i connect rf receiver to a different pin or i should do it to main procesor etc ?

I’m newbe also but I try to give you a suggestion.
In the main/config_RF.h at the PIN DEFINITION section
you can define the PIN that you want to use in this code:

elif ESP32

define RF_RECEIVER_GPIO 27 // D27 on DOIT ESP32

For example you can put your receiver data PIN on GPIO12 and set:

define RF_RECEIVER_GPIO 12 // D27 on DOIT ESP32

Just try:-)

thx now i “just” have to check how to do it :smiley: working with hardware is ok for me but wiht software is something new.
done thanks :smiley: i think because gateway boots :wink: just i dont have nothing on mqtt.fx :frowning: receiver connected to rpi show some codes to esp nothing on mqtt

EDIT: works on GPIO 2

can i uncomment BT gateway on the same device ?
and one more is for pilight gpio set in config_RF.h i cand find filr for pilight?

You have to install a MQTT broker (a server that play with all messages)
and then you must set the ip,user and password in the User_config.h file:

#ifndef MQTT_USER

define MQTT_USER “edit_this”

#ifndef MQTT_PASS

define MQTT_PASS “edit_this”


define MQTT_SERVER “”



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done that :smiley: on gpio12 nothing on gpio2 i received codes at mqtt but i was too quick i have digoo weather station and i see i need pilight not rf gatewat :frowning: just i cant find file to set it to gpio2. connection to mqtt works i see online and wersion and with rf i can read my door bell button :smiley: now i have to chanfe it to pilight gateway with gpio2

It’s always RF thinks… so it’s always the main/config_RF.h file that you must change.
You will see there a record like this:


change it like this:


Then rebuild and write it :slight_smile:

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