RF Key Finder and keyring Remote - not detected!

i am using OMT 0.8 on ESP32 and WemosD1 running fine with SRX882 for RF. I use it for door/window switches without any issue.
I purchased now from amazon a key finder running at 433.92 MHZ because i would like to use just the remote transmitter to trigger some mqtt action. It is very nice with 5 buttons signals i would like to catch.
Here is the product: https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B07CYSNQK1

The remote is working fine with its own keyrings that buzz when the related color is pressed on the remote, but i cannot detect nothing on OMT :frowning:
On the keyring PCB i can read also that is 433 checked (instead of 315) so i am quite confident that it is the correct version.
On the main remote there is an NDR4208 K3.
What could be the problem? Maybe an unknow protocol for rc-swich library? Any hint?
Thank you!

Here is some pic of the device opened:


Did you checked the compatibility list to see if it is a compatible device?

Another alternative is to try with ZgatewayPilight

Hi, i will try with ZgatewayPilight,
in the meantime i understood that i need to investigate the RF protocol used by this device.
I started to investigate and then opened an issue on rc-switch github, feel free to collaborate also on that!
Thank you