RF Send and Receive Protocol

Dear fellow community.
I am a very happy openhab user, trying to expand my smart home periodically.
While doing so I stumbled across openmqttgateway which seems to be a great way to simplify things. As of now I have used Exec Binding to switch my RFDevices (RF Transmitter connected to RPi which is running openhab as well)
I started to use openmqtt with nodeMCU. Installation was great - I am able to read and send RF using MQTTLens.
Slight issue here: Using my Rpi I send the Housecode followed by the Command.

sudo -u openhab src/raspberry-remote/send 11111 2 1

However putting those numbers into MQTTLens does not work to work the switches. Using the receive I found out that I have to use the code


So On would be 1361 . OFF 1364
Second Switch On is 4433, OFF 4436
and so on.

Does anyone have an explanation for that?

Thank you


Yes OMG use the decimal code instead of the binary one, you have more info into the wiki about 433mhz gateway

and on openhab integration:

thanks for your reply.
I am very new to programming and maybe this is not the right topic to dive in deeper. But I tried to decode the decimal into binary
taking for instance
ON 5201
OFF 5204

gives me

ON 1 0100 1010 001
OFF 1 0100 1010 100

How is that connected to what raspberri Remote Github sends (I think the input here for that rf switch would be 11111 2 1 and 11111 2 0

Sorry for the confusion…