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RF2 and rtl_433 gateway on one ESP?

I have built the IR and RF2 gateways on one ESP and got it all working. But I would like to add a rtl_433 gateway too and just read it is not possible to have both RF2 and rtl_433 on one ESP, unless I would integrate switching between both interfaces (which would be a bit too complicated for my skills and I like to receive both signals at the same time…).

Is there any chance this will be supported in the near future?

The current version of openmqttgateway does support switching of the various receiver and transmitter modules, but the only current limitation is that only 1 receiver module can be active at a time. Is this what your referring to ?

As the RF2 module and rtf_433 use different receiver data stream processing code it is not something in the short term.

Yes indeed, I hoped that both receiver decoders could be active at the same time. In the meantime I have managed to read the signals by switching between the receivers, but I prefer to use one gateway to receive/decode both RF2 and RTL_433 signals without switching.