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RF2 kaku addresses, anybody has a working receiver?

Hi! I installed the binary release v0.9.5.nodemcuv2-rf2-firmware.bin to my NodeMCUv2 with the cheap chinese 433MHz set “F1000A” attached. I want to send on/off commands to some 230V-plug-switches using the kaku protocol. Before, I successfully sent these commands using pilight on a raspberry pi with the same F1000A sender, with the following config:

     "devices": {
                "A1": {
                        "protocol": [ "kaku_switch_old" ],
                        "id": [{
                                "id": 0,
                                "unit": 0
                        "state": "off"
                "hardware": {
                        "RF433": {
                                "mingaplen": 4420,
                                "maxgaplen": 72900,
                                "minrawlen": 26,
                                "maxrawlen": 400

where the addresses A1,A2,A3,B1,… correspond to pilight unit/id combinations 0/0, 0/1, 0/2, 1/0,…

Now my problem is I cannot get openmqttgateway to decode anything (trying with the remote that was packed with the power plugs, right next to the antenna), I suppose the F1000A receiver is too bad.
I don’t actually need the receiver, save for getting the addresses I have to use for the sender to control my power plugs. I cannot see an obvious mapping between the pilight unit/id values and e.g. the sample mqtt topic OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTtoRF2/CODE_8233228/UNIT_0/PERIOD_273

So the request: does anybody controls switches using the kaku_old protocol with their openmqttgateway and can tell me what addresses (i.e. mqtt topic) to use?