Rfbridge with OMG. How to start?

Whats going on here?

  • faulty flashing ?

  • newbIE issue ? (very probable)

I flashed my sonoff rf bridge r2 v1 with rfbridge-firmware.bin OMG 0.9.3, using flashESP8266.

Sonoff frbridge earlier flash with Tasmota 8.2 worked ok, but after seeing DrZze video I wanted to give a try OMG.

I nearly gave when OMG didn’t want to connect to my router. At last I got connected. To my big surprise I could see OMG integrated with HA.

Why I cannot see any messages in mqttlens ?

Rfbridge reacts with red blinking when I press for ex. Sonoff’s remote.

What do might be a cause, please help.


Did you changed the switch position after flashing?

Thank you.
Yes, I think I did. I’m checking it and now I can see that in switch position Off OpenMQTTGateway cannot connect to my router. I’ve switched it back to ON and I got connection visible also on HAssistant front panel. Unfortunately, still no response on MTTLens
I’m going reprogram my rfbridg and this time first erasing the flash memory. I will report how it worked.

  • Flash memory erased
  • ESPeasy flasher \frbridge-firmware.bin
  • switch to On
  • as before difficulties with connecting to AP, but at last connection !!
  • OpenMQTTGateway succesfully connects to Home Assisstant - binary_sensor.openmqttgateway_srfb
  • rfbridge reacts to keys on my Sonoff remote.
  • MQTTfx showes messages from other devices in my network, but no msg from frbridge, as shown in my earlier post.
    Somehow data is not flowing as it should.

Something new happens. In Home Assisstant:
Nothing in MqTTlens.
How to use data showed at 1:35 and received after I pressed on key on the remote?
Is this enough information to use in my automatisation?
May be I don’t need MqTTlens?

from https://www.home-assistant.io/blog/2020/04/29/release-109/
" There is now MQTT debug information on the device page of an MQTT device, awesome work @emontnemery!"

If you see values appearing in home assistant it should be enough for triggering your automations.

An MQTT client like MQTT Lens or MQTT explorer is mainly used for debugging.

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