Right command for frequency change


I connected and flasched an ESP32 with an CC1101. It works, and is receaving messages from my outdoor temperature sonsor.

Does it make sense chaning the frequency away from the default one?

I tried to change the frequency. The documentation explains two different ways:
home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTto433 {“mhz”:315.026}
home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTtoRTL_433 {“mhz”:315.026}

which is the right command? also debug and verbose commands have no effect to me.


Hi @Marox,

that really depends on the frequency your temperature sensor uses, and also on the legality of frequencies in your country.

that also depends on how your sensor is being detected/decoded, is it withZgatewayRF(2) or ZgatewayRTL_433? Which environment/binary did you flash to your ESP32? Which temperature sonsor do you have?


I tried the webInstall for

  • esp32dev-multi_receiver (on rtl433 Mode )and
  • esp32dev-rtl_433

The sensor is working and receaving a signal of an Bresser temperatur & humidity sensor.
For testing, if other frequencies around my house are used from other weather sensors, i tried in both installations changing the frequencie - which has not worked. I tried all commands, at least one schould work, i think!

Also mentioned in the documentation is an activated HaDiscovery, wicht also not doing nothing in my device.

That’s good news, hopefully it’s your Bresser temperatur & humidity sensor :slight_smile:

It really depends in which country you are in. Depending on the location only specific frequencies are legal. So if you are in a 433MHz region, and that’s the one the Bresser sensor is transmitting on, there is not really a good chance to find and pick up any 315 MHz sensors around you, as they would not legally be sold in your country. Or vice versa if you are in a 315 MHz region.

As I personally don’t have any experience with HA Discovery someone else would need to comment on this.