RTL_433_ESP configuration

I’ve worked with RTL_433_ESP library and configured it with some modifications (local repo). All works well.
Now I’m trying to use the library within OMG, but some modifications are not taking effect:

  1. for some reason the CC1101 gpio receive pin appears to be misconfigured in the terminal setup log. It’s always set to pin 12, regardless of any changes I try to make in the config files:
    N: Switching to RTL_433 Receiver: 433.92Mhz
    rtl_433_ESP(6): CC1101 gpio receive pin: 12
    rtl_433_ESP(6): CC1101 receive frequency: 433.920013
    Where does this setting come from?

  2. The devices are not recognised as expected by the software. These worked well under RTL_433_ESP without OMG:
    rtl_433_ESP(6): Ignored Signal length: 303992, Time since last bit length: 40472, Gap length: 297582998, Signal RSSI: -53, Current RSSI: -90, pulses: 0, noise count: 0
    I assume it’s reated to the incorrect GPIO setting, but not sure

Any ideas?

I managed to fix the CC1101 gpio receive pin: 12 by hard-coding pin 22 in the RTL_433_ESP library code (h file).
But still pulses are not coming in…

When you do builds with OMG, but want to use a local version of the rtl_433_ESP library you need to change the library reference to

rtl_433_esp = symlink://../../../rtl_433_ESP ; Builds library from source directory

Yes of course, I did this. I can see my code in the OMG libdeps folder.
The fact that I had to hard-code pin #22 (as in your original settings), and still receive 0 pulses is baffling to me. Also, if I try to change the pin settings in config_rf.h it doesn’t affect the log print, or the result. Am I updating wrong parameters?
Again, it works well in my original rtl_433_esp repo.