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Rtl_433 + ESP32 + bme280 but what Radio

Hi all,
I am really excited to see the actual development with OMG.
And allready thougt of it a few years back to start something similar but end up with a whole mess.
So today I give it a try and start with a fresh binary release of OMG rtl_433 ( as I have a Raspi running to do the job right now ). and flashed an ESP32 with it.
First I used a set of transmitter ( XKFST similar to FS1000) and a receiver (XD-RF-5V) to get some data and push some data to 433MHz.
Sadly the binary firmware doesn’t work with this RF components so I pull out a CC1101 which seems to be the development device for the rtl_433. here I followed a few cabling examples and end up with multiple options. But didn’t receive anything over 433MHz while my Raspi is pushing messages to the Broker.
Then I thought maybe the binary is a nightly build and I gave Platform IO a chance also to test the data of a bme280 laying around.
This ends up with the same issues but the bme280 is working.

So my question is how can I get it to work? considering a bidirectional 433.92MHz Gateway with a bme280 on the same ESP32 otherwise I need to leave the Raspi in place.

I would be please if somebody can support me.
I can also send some data what I allready tested during my tests.

br Torben

Am thinking the documentation on CC1101 wiring may be a bit wonky after reviewing the website versus what is in the code itself.

The code has gdo2 wired to GPIO4 - Code
Which is the same as the lsatan example, while the documentation states


Which doesn’t really make sense

When I added support I followed the lsatan wiring, and for me that works fine ( I also have a bme280 connected )

Now the CC1101 is working but It only detects Unknown signals as I connect to the console.
I also see that you try to optimize the detection. I may follow your lead in this discussion.

One other comment, the rtf_433 package is only coded to handle a subset of rtf_433 devices and only the ones using OOK/ASK modulation. Do you know what modulation your device uses?

Also I find the range of the cc1101 is significantly shorter than a rtf_sdr, and in my setup about 50% less range.