RTL433 filtering devices -> inhances usability

i would like to use OMG as an RTL433 gateway for radio weather sensors in addition / replacement for the rtl_433 usb implementation in home assistant.
the only plotstopper at the moment is the unfiltered ammount of found devices in my neighbourhood. With RTL433 i can black/whitelist acceptable devices, so i would love to see this feature in OMG as well :wink:


Why not disable auto discovery as a start?

Disabling auto discovery after the desired sensors are detected help with futur device spam.
But if i got a sensor with a weak signal / long broadcasting interval i have to listen with auto detect. It would easier to limit the detectable device to the types ones i own.

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Where do I find the documentation to find the weather station and import it to home assistant please. I have loaded the firmware, but not sure what to do next. I have use mqtt about 5 years ago, but not openmqtt before.

Could you download MQTT explorer, connect to your broker and see if your weather station is visible ?

Is allow/deny adding of devices on the backlog/to-do list - Iā€™d definitely vote for this feature? To keep things simple from a UI point of view starting with the ability to auto scan/add a single device at a time would be a great improvement.

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