Sending MQTT configuration to the gateway


I have hit a wall and I cannot seem to figure this out… I wanted to send the command to enable raw capture - per docunentation it is:

mosquitto_pub -u mquser -P password -t "home/OMG_ESP32_Pilight-CC1101/commands/MQTTtoPilight/protocols" -m '{"rawEnabled":true}' -h
Error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

I tried using without username\password and the same message persist. I captured the network traffic and my MQTT server sends a SYN to start the connection and immediately the gateway sends a RST to reset the connection.

My build is from the latest source code and everything else seems to work fine except the configuration over MQTT.

I’m sure I am missing something simple here? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!