Sending RF signals to control RF light socket

I’m looking to add an RF light socket ( . From what I understand, you can send on/off RF signal to this socket via some sort of RF remote. I’d like to control this via OpenMQTTGateway. I’m assuming that the socket has some sort of mechanism for learning the discrete on/off signals. How do I choose an RF value for OMG to send? I have received RF signals with OMG but I don’t know if the values matter when sending or if they just need to be unique. Thanks

Any thoughts on this? Does what I’m asking make sense? I’m holding off on buying this product until I can understand how this works. Thanks!

I can’t confirm this.
But if it has a learning code mechanism with a protocol compatible with OMG it should work.

Did you take a look to the compatible device list:

I did see the list. I’m making an assumption that a learning device would be able to learn an OMG signal. I’m just wondering what value or range of values would be appropriate

here is some examples:

Thanks. I’ll order the socket and report back