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Sending to 433 RF 4 channel Relay

Hi, in a previous post on compatible devices, 433 RF 4 CH relays, I reported back that the Sonoff RF Bridge can receive the remote button presses from the eBay nonamebrand.

Here is an example of what I receive on mqtt on button A (You would see that no Protocol is reported):

Button A: 

The remote works very well to its own 4 channel relay. Not to send same signal via mqtt to Sonoff bridge, onwards to the 4 Channel relay.

I tried SENDING the following, with and without the delay json pair, neither works:


Any ideas? Is it a Protocol issue? If I do receive the message, without a Protocol in the message, which protocol would it be?

Your value seems to don’t correspond to Button A:

Try sending this maybe:

Nope, the remote has 4 buttons, I have given the values of buttons A and D, that is the only differences between the buttons. Also tried that, any other ideas?

I also tried the Raw mode in Node-RED:

msg.topic = ‘home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTtoSRFB/Raw’;
msg.payload = {“raw”:“2224013603AC4BC921”};

Into an mqtt Send node.

But I assume - as per your documentation - with the Sonoff RF Bridge we cannot trust that.
NOTE: currently the device doesn't receive correct values from Switches remote control

Hurray !

Got it working.

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