Sensors/Devices with ASK modulation?

I am using LilyGO LoRa board 433 for openMQTTgateway and intendet integration in Homeassistant of my weatherstation Mebus/HIDEKI TS04 and its 433mhz sensors witch are popular in germany.

I can not detect any of your supported Devices even in my neighborhood.

I learned ASK modulation is not supported, should i give up or could you provide some hope for the future?

Sincerely Michael

Is this your device ?

It’s currently listed as disabled in the rtl_433 device decoders. Does it work with rtl_433 ?

Yes it works with rtl_433 " [42] HIDEKI TS04 Temperature, Humidity, Wind and Rain Sensor".
The sensors are from HIDEKI manufactorer.

temp/hum 1 intern 5 outside, wind speed/direction, rainfall, UV exposition but sensor defect