Smart locks using bluetooth gateway to connect to ttlock?

I’ve bought a few ‘smart’ locks on amazon (sifely). They sell a gateway that connects their bluetooth signal to the internet and some functions are available through this cloud provider’s API.

I’d love to have some access without relying on the cloud. Is this something OMG might be able to help with?

It’s really hard to say, not knowing anything further about the locks’ Bluetooth implementation, but assuming they have a high security standard I would expect key pairing and encryption in place for any BT communication, which would make it very hard to impossible to reverse-engineer, unless some information is already in place

On the other hand we have had requests and BLE information from users with their locks freely broadcasting their states, for which we then decided against including a decoder for them, basically to not support such an easy scanning possibility for everyone and anyone for such insecure locks.