Somfy io-homecontrol - 868 MHz - Possible to control RollerShutters?

im really really new to openMQTTGateway and recently got my first ESP8266 successfully running.

I also do not have any knowledge in Radio Frequency topics but i was wondering if it is possible to control current Somfy io-homecontrol rollershutter-switches via openMQTTGateway with RF-configuration.

Im pretty sure that the answer is NO, due to two main reasons?:

  1. Somfy io-protocol is proprietary and has not been reverse engineered yet?
  2. openMQTTgateway and supported RF-Hardware is not able to use 868 MHz frequencies

I found this as quick overview for the Somfy protocol: somfyio_homecontrol_guide.pdf

I think the “RTS-Standard”, older Somfy devices have are using the 433 MHz

The reason im asking is, that im not 100% satisfied with the Somfy-API, its availalbility and the fact that everything runs through a web-server

My current understandig is, that my Somfy-TahomaBox is controlling the Somfy-IO-Rollershutter-Switches via the 868MHz frequency

So id like to replace my TahomaBox with a local FOSS device → OpenMQTTGateway?

OK already one update from my side

Somfy provides a developer-mode API to add the possiblity to control devices locally

Nevertheless, still a 14-day-valid token from the webserver is used etc.

So its not a 100% full local solution