Sonoff Bridge does not boot after config

I have a Sonoff Bridge R2 V2.2 with the direct hack. Have used it with Tasmota and other firmwares without problems. Wanted to try OMG on it.

Flashing from the web is successful, but the device never boots. If I use to first erase the flash and then flash the sonoff-rfbridge-direct-firmware.bin the device boots and allows me to connect to the OMG Wifi and configure it with my SSID etc. The device shuts down when I hit Save, but never boots and is inaccessible (no LED).

I have tried version 0.9.11, 0.9.15 and 0.9.16. Any idea what is going on?

You doesn’t seem to be alone on this (@davidturchak )

It seems that the hardware architecture changed with the v2.2.
Let me find one and take a look.

Could you share a link where you purchased it?

Hi. This is the item I purchased: SONOFF – Kit de capteurs de mouvement RF Bridge R2, 433MHz, DW2, porte fenêtre, PIR3, pour maison intelligente, par eWeLink, Google Home, Alexa Alice | AliExpress. Looks like an original one. Here are also a couple of images of my board before I applied the direct hack:


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Unfortunately same issue here, works with esphome, but i need OMG, flashing works, never comes up. Also I have purchased from an ok vendor.

Cut these lines

So I was able to make it work with v0.9.9.
Flashing with esptool does not work if there was no erase flash command prior (even if esptool says erasing flash before flashing firmware. So what I did: --port /dev/ttyUSB0 erase_flash --before default_reset --after hard_reset --baud 460800 --port /dev/ttyUSB0 --chip esp8266 write_flash -z --flash_size detect 0x0 sonoff-rfbridge-direct-firmware.bin

Then OMG comes up with the fallback hotspot. OTA update to the newest does not work.
If you do not specify mqtt options perfectly, you will never see the device again, not even blue led, it is connected to the router though, but cant configure under IP. Had to add a new user for the device to make it work, finally came up, blue LED on, still cant access configuration under IP. I am new in OMG, how can I access the device configuration?

Anyway i was able to receive from a sensor:
{‘id’: 210, ‘channel’: 0, ‘battery’: 0, ‘temperature’: 17.1, ‘humidity’: 79}
It created a raw json-like sensor "sensor.gatewayPilight, shouldnt be it a seperate sensor and humidity?

I didnt dare to try newer firmware yet.

Managed to make 0.9.16 work with the extra erase_flash command prior flashing, please add this to your web installer, so others dont waste a day :smiley:.

Same json sensor with .16 as well:
{‘id’: 210, ‘channel’: 0, ‘battery’: 0, ‘temperature’: 17.1, ‘humidity’: 79}

Interesting. I suspect that you only get one chance to set the MQTT settings, and that this is the reason the device never starts up correctly. Can anyone confirm if this is their experience as well? I will make another attempt with the latest version and enter all settings on the first boot, not just the wifi settings.