Sonoff RF Bridge R2 v2.2 download mode

Anyone is able to flush OMG on Sonoff RF Bridge R2 v2.2 ?
Unfortunately I’m unable to enter the esp to download mode. According the thread below i do see folk are able to flush it with Tasmota:

I did try to revert RX and TX , did try holding pairing button with no success. No hw modifications performed.

I’m in the same boat. Did you manage to solve it? I’ve tried various incantation, switched rx and tx so thay match insted of being crossed, pressed the button at boot, all the time, I’m running out of options.

At this stage I’m wondering if the interface works, I bought the one linked from tasmota guide on AliExpress, but I trust it minimally… It creates a serial port when plugged on my mac, but it doesn’t seem to communicate with the ESP.

The one that I have ordered is here, just need to find time to test it.
Will try next week.

Worked with another interface.

Do you mean with another FTDI?

Hello. What firmware did you install Sonoff RF Bridge R2 v2.2? Can not choose )))

Can you clarify which interface you referring to ? I have tried every possible combination.