SONOFF DW1 door sensor (one state)

Here is some infos about an OMG compatible door/window sensor the SONOFF DW1

It is powered with a 12V 23A battery and send one signal when opened.

the protocol used is compatible with:

  • ZgatewayRF (ESP32 or ESP8266 with an RF receiver)
  • ZgatewaySRFB (Sonoff RF Bridge)
  • ZgatewayPilight (coming with WDS07 integration)

Power consumption
When sending signal 10mA during around 2s
Sleep current less than 2uA continuously

Duration estimation
See relative comparison into the list of compatible devices

It should last more than 1 year.

Some pictures:
Power consumption when no action

Reception package



We can see that there is some key1,2,3 & 4 in the PCB, maybe this can be soldered to change the code (I didn’t tested it).
You will notice that the antenna is integrated into the PCB.

This sensor has been given for free by Itead, if you think it alter my opinion don’t hesitate to tell me.

I have one and it works, BUT it’s chunky and sends only OPEN code so pretty useless in many applications, there are many much better options available.