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SONOFF PIR2 CT60M PIR sensor , pet immune

Here is some infos about an OMG compatible sensor the SONOFF PIR2 sensor

It looks more modern compared to the other PIR sensor we have seen before, it has a blue led light in the front and pet immune.

It sends one signal when triggered, the protocol used is compatible with:

  • ZgatewayRF (ESP32 or ESP8266 with an RF receiver)
  • ZgatewaySRFB (Sonoff RF Bridge)

Power consumption
When sending signal 6mA during around 2s
Sleep current 14uA continuously

Duration estimation
See relative comparison into the list of compatible devices
This sensor is very well optimized in term of power consumption, it is among the top of the list of the energy savy devices!
It should last several years.

Some pictures:
Power consumption when no action

Reception package




This sensor has been given for free by Itead, if you think it alter my opinion don’t hesitate to tell me.

I’ve been looking for one. What type of pet did you test it with? I haven’t seen any good ones which are advertised for pets at 18~kg and this one doesn’t specify

Not tested it with pet, the pet immune mention comes from documentation and hasn’t been verified

I have 7 of them in my house. 2 died pretty early but were replaced and so far I’m happy - no false positives (after initial setup), long time between batteries recharge.
Haven’t tested them on pet immunity though.

They work fine with OMG RF, but I’d be really grateful for OMG Pilight support.
@1technophile, I’m happy to do my bit if you could explain what exactly to do to get it supported.
Apparently it requires installing and running pilight-debug, but I don’t get how should I connect a receiver to my computer.
Usually I use ESP/Arduino devices and it’s obviously different.

I’m trying to integrate iwsd07 to pilight main repo first and once done I will try to extend the list of supported devices with the ones that I have.
The goal is to have ZgatewayPilight as the reference gateway for RF.

Yes it does require pilight-debug, I bought a kit to pilight shop, soldered it and connected it to my pi3 so as to be able to reverse engineer the protocols by using pilight-debug.
It maybe could be done without the kit but I didn’t tested.

what do you mean? so far there much more devices supported by RF module than by Pilight.

wow, didn’t think it can be done that way. what kit is it, out of interest?

Hi there!

How fast is the response time of the PIR detector?

All the best!

I have no complaints at all (well, some might say it looks a bit ugly).
It does the job well, I’ve been using 7 of them for 2 years now.

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