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Sonoff RF Bridge 433 + Digoo DG-R8H 433MHz

IT’S WORK !!! :slight_smile:
…it was “pio run --target erase”

Now in my MQTT broker I receive:
…from a remote that I have at home alarm
I receive all the dor sensor, and I received also in Node-Red node test :slight_smile:
So it’s like it’s work :slight_smile:

The olnly think that I don’t receive is the car gate remote… and I know it’s 433mHz
…but is not the right place here in this thread.

So now I’ll wait that R8H will arrive and I think then I will watch this thread in order
to try to make it work

Thanks a lot for all help… and the future one :slight_smile:



It is normal, most of the time car gate use a rolling code system (at each press the code is different) to avoid hacking. It should feel you safer also :wink:

Hello guys

I have 2 Digoo DG-R8H. I can get the proper information using nexus433 on RaspberryPi…
Client mosqsub|30542-paul-Insp received PUBLISH (d0, q0, r0, m0, ‘nexus433/sensor/da01/state’, … (72 bytes))
nexus433/sensor/da01/state { “temperature”: 22.7, “humidity”: 75, “battery”: “100”, “quality”: 66 }

But as denisj, I would prefer to use Open MQTT Gateway with Sonoff RF Bridge.

So, I followed your the instructions in this tread (thanks a lot) and I got my RF Bridge working receiving door sensors but I am not getting the Digoo DG-R8H information…

Did I missed something?
1technophile asking to test code on an esp8266 (PrologueDecoder)
Is this something I should use?


Hi Paul,
1tecnophile promise me that when will find some time in order to test OMG with DG-R8H,
and develope it, he will tell us how to update the firmware of RF Bridge.

Maybe we can help him… but I’m Cobol programmer and I don’t know how to make test.


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Hi Denis,

I will be please to help also!
I am DBA and doing a lot of Perl programming for automation…
I am looking forward to learn Python.

The code that 1tecnophile putted for testing, where should it be putted?

Any news? I think the R8S is already working on OMG with PiLight but the the R8H :confused:

On my todo for this summer

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Watching =)
I have the hacked Sonoff +OMG working with the R8S but also have some R8H waiting for OMG compatibility.
I can provide testing assistance.
Enjoy the summer and keep us posted. Cheers.

Sorry for my stupid question … I so e new release mail…
so it’s there also the new version
in order to make work the DIGOO R8H please ?
Thanks a lot.

Not yet, we will need to have it integrated into ESPilight first

Ok … I’ll wait the new ESPilight version
Thanks a lot.

ESPilight hasn’t been updated for last 13 months, hope it’s not abandoned :frowning:

No no… technophile tell us that will update it… so it’s like a promise :slight_smile:


In the worst case I will fork it and do the update…

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Looks like it’s close, magic is happening as we speak :champagne:


Thanks a lot for the greate news :slight_smile:

But… what happen now please ? I mean What we can do in order to make the R8H work please ?

Thanks again

Now we wait… work in progress

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ok, I couldn’t resist and compiled OMG dev with manually applied changes from ESPilight pendig changes queue :slight_smile:
To confirm: yes, it works! I get results from DG-R8H and similar which are using nexus protocol:

N: Subject: /PilighttoMQTT
N: Received json : {"message":{"id":6,"channel":2,"temperature":21.1,"humidity":63,"battery":1},"protocol":"nexus","length":"6","value":"6","repeats":2,"status":2}
N: Subject: /PilighttoMQTT
N: Received json : {"message":{"id":203,"channel":0,"temperature":14.9,"humidity":73,"battery":0},"protocol":"nexus","length":"203","value":"203","repeats":2,"status":2}
N: Subject: /PilighttoMQTT
N: Received json : {"message":{"id":6,"channel":2,"temperature":21.0,"humidity":63,"battery":1},"protocol":"nexus","length":"6","value":"6","repeats":2,"status":2}
N: Subject: /PilighttoMQTT
N: Received json : {"message":{"id":151,"channel":1,"temperature":13.3,"humidity":91,"battery":1},"protocol":"nexus","length":"151","value":"151","repeats":2,"status":2}
N: Subject: /SYStoMQTT
N: Received json : {"uptime":125,"version":"version_tag","freemem":36016,"rssi":-75,"SSID":"removed","ip":"removed","mac":"removed","wifiprt":0,"modules":"PilightHADiscovery"}

We just need to wait for official release…

btw, my Sonoff RF bridge has very poor sensitivity range :frowning:
Maybe because of antennas? I get much better results with classic RX470 receiver and ESP8266


Greate news !!! :slight_smile:

Do you think that I can do all this if I’m just a beginner ?
I mean… if I download the dev sources and I substitute the ESPilight, I can compile all
using PlatformIO and write all in my hardware modified SonOFF RF ?

Thanks a lot for the work

That’s the question that only you can answer :slight_smile:

All depends on your motivation and attitude, but I would recommend to get familiar first with Visual Studio Code, Platformio, ESP8266 and probably few other things. Try to compile anything and upload to the device, monitor result.

1technophile already did great job and put all the information on OMG docs page, although it’s not for first time beginners.

Here the most difficult will be the hardware hack, as it’s mandatory for ESPilight library to work…

Anyway, good luck!