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Sonoff RF Bridge 433 + Digoo DG-R8H 433MHz

IT’S WORK !!! :slight_smile:
…it was “pio run --target erase”

Now in my MQTT broker I receive:
…from a remote that I have at home alarm
I receive all the dor sensor, and I received also in Node-Red node test :slight_smile:
So it’s like it’s work :slight_smile:

The olnly think that I don’t receive is the car gate remote… and I know it’s 433mHz
…but is not the right place here in this thread.

So now I’ll wait that R8H will arrive and I think then I will watch this thread in order
to try to make it work

Thanks a lot for all help… and the future one :slight_smile:



It is normal, most of the time car gate use a rolling code system (at each press the code is different) to avoid hacking. It should feel you safer also :wink:

Hello guys

I have 2 Digoo DG-R8H. I can get the proper information using nexus433 on RaspberryPi…
Client mosqsub|30542-paul-Insp received PUBLISH (d0, q0, r0, m0, ‘nexus433/sensor/da01/state’, … (72 bytes))
nexus433/sensor/da01/state { “temperature”: 22.7, “humidity”: 75, “battery”: “100”, “quality”: 66 }

But as denisj, I would prefer to use Open MQTT Gateway with Sonoff RF Bridge.

So, I followed your the instructions in this tread (thanks a lot) and I got my RF Bridge working receiving door sensors but I am not getting the Digoo DG-R8H information…

Did I missed something?
1technophile asking to test code on an esp8266 (PrologueDecoder)
Is this something I should use?


Hi Paul,
1tecnophile promise me that when will find some time in order to test OMG with DG-R8H,
and develope it, he will tell us how to update the firmware of RF Bridge.

Maybe we can help him… but I’m Cobol programmer and I don’t know how to make test.


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Hi Denis,

I will be please to help also!
I am DBA and doing a lot of Perl programming for automation…
I am looking forward to learn Python.

The code that 1tecnophile putted for testing, where should it be putted?

Any news? I think the R8S is already working on OMG with PiLight but the the R8H :confused:

On my todo for this summer

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Watching =)
I have the hacked Sonoff +OMG working with the R8S but also have some R8H waiting for OMG compatibility.
I can provide testing assistance.
Enjoy the summer and keep us posted. Cheers.

Sorry for my stupid question … I so e new release mail…
so it’s there also the new version
in order to make work the DIGOO R8H please ?
Thanks a lot.

Not yet, we will need to have it integrated into ESPilight first

Ok … I’ll wait the new ESPilight version
Thanks a lot.