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Sonoff RF Bridge 433 + Digoo DG-R8H 433MHz

I already make the hack, and I also program the SonOff RF using Platformio
and my SOnOff RF is work :slight_smile:

If I understand you “construct” e new ESPilight file that include nexus protocol, right ?
What I need is that ESPilight file that you have modified and insert it in
the OMG source in order to compile it and write it in my SonOff.
Is that right ? If yes… can I have it please ?

Thanks again

Great! Then you are very close, here are the steps:
(disclaimer: I’m not developer either, maybe there is easier way :slight_smile: )

  1. At least once compile succesfully with with Pilight, to pull ESPIlight library

  2. find on disk OpenMQTTGateway\.pio\libdeps\Sonoff-RFBridge-Pilight\ESPiLight
    (Sonoff-RFBridge-Pilight is the name of my build, from default_envs=)

  3. Download 6 files from, then:



my Sonoff_env.ini file:

default_envs = Sonoff-RFBridge-Pilight

platform = ${com.esp8266_platform}
board = esp8285
lib_deps =
build_flags =
board_build.flash_mode = dout

Then just compile and upload.

Personally I have removed all other protocols from protocol_header.h and protocol_init.h and left nexus only.
Second, seems DG-R8H are not very relliable with parameters and some of them were not visible, so I changed PULSE_TOLERANCE from 100 to 200 in nexus.c to make them work.

Good luck!

Ok… al this with the dev sources or with the official 0.9.5 ?
As soon as I get home I’m try :slight_smile:

Thanka a lot again :slight_smile:

I was playing with dev only, not sure if this work with official 0.9.5

Ok… great
I’ll having fun tonight as soon as arrive :slight_smile:
…and I’ll let you know
Thanks again for all work

Well… I think that everything that I do, I do it well.
I mean I download all files you linked and put all in this place
I make the env, compiled and write it on the SonOff RF.

Now it’s work for my other 433Mhz remote but I don’t see nothing from R8H.
The unique thing that I see and it’s something new string is this one:

N: Received json : {“message”:{“id”:5,“state”:“off”},“protocol”:“selectremote”,“length”:“5”,“value”:“5”,“repeats”:2,“status”:2}

Do you think that can be from the R8H ?

Thanks again

nope, you should see protocol: nexus

check if perhaps files haven’t been altered during compilation, maybe tweak PULSE_TOLERANCE, for me with 100 I got only one device, with 200 I got all three.

Too far distance? I noticed that Sonoff RF Bridge has very little range at lest for nexus protocol, hardly reaching signal across my flat, while ESP8266 with RX470 have no problems.

Ok… I’ll programm it.
There is only 1 mt between the 2 radios.

Also I don’t like any more the SonOff… I’ll make a new ESP8266 (NodeMCU)
with some nice radio… but I still don’t know witch… will be another thread :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Yes yes yes :-)))))))))))))))))))))

N: Received json : {“message”:{“id”:107,“channel”:0,“temperature”:23.4,“humidity”:75,“battery”:1},“protocol”:“nexus”,“length”:“107”,“value”:“107”,“repeats”:2,“status”:2}

Great man !!!
Thank you so so much :slight_smile:

Now… sorry if I take advantage of your kindness…
Witch RF module is best for this type of work and is nder 10$ please ?
Do you think RFM69HCW is ok ?
Thanks again

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You see, it wasn’t that hard!

For the transceiver: can’t tell but general advise: whatever you pick make sure you will find strong support, maybe search forums starting from this one :slight_smile:
I’m using probably the most popular, well known and cheap RX470 Superheterodyne 433MHz, cost single $, frequently you can get in par with transmitter still far below 10$

update from developer of ESPiLight:
ESPiLight v0.17.0 is now released and should have working nexus support. The version will soon be available in the Arduino library manager.


Greate news… thanks a lot.
Now I just study the OMG on NodeMCU with some RF module cause the SonOff is not so sensible.
The R8H work only at about 6-8 Mt with a 10 cm Wall between :frowning:

PR is in progress

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Great! Thanks a lot for all your work…

Well let me forward your thanks to the updaters of Pilight :slight_smile:

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Integrated into development branch

Agree with you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot Florian,
I just downloaded the dev code and compile with “default_envs = esp32dev-pilight”
this time I used a just arrived STX882 module and use it with ESP32 (like marekorok tell me)

I still test it but now it’s work at 15 Mt with 2 wall between
It’s work great :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot all for all the work.

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I may be wrong…

I got my Sonoff RF Bridge working with Digoo DG-R8H… Which is great!
It also get the door switch sensors information correctly…
But, it do not get the motion sensor information for ([433Mhz CT60 SONOFF PIR2 sensor]) which working fine with the original Sonoff RF Bridge flashed with Tasmota… Did I missed something in my setting?

My goal is to get the info from all my RF 433 device using only one Bridge…


If you want to extend range further look here: Sonoff RF Bridge extended range

I have a number of PIR (Sonoff and Digoo) and I have to use two Sonoff RF bridges (Tasmota+Portisch / OMG+Pilight) in order to get all signals. Some are received by both, some on one or the other… Maybe I’ll just order a few extra units compatible with Pilight and get rid of the Portisch unit; meanwhile it provides some redundancy.

BTW, I haven’t upgraded to the latest Pilight yet, other than the R8H, any other protocols added?