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DIGOO DG-R8S 433MHZ battery operated temperature and humidity sensor with embedded display

So Still using the R8S despite having to adjust code on battery changes? I have a number of events related to temp/hum so it would really be a PITA to recode everything for 4 devices every time I change batteries. Tested successfully the Xiaomi sensor w/ESP32-BLE. Larger display, good range, hopefully longer battery life, looks much better on a wall and no issues so far. 3 more units on the way.

well, it’s mainly used to control central heating, which is currently off so I don’t really care about their batteries atm :wink:

in theory yes, power them up from a wall charger OR use another store bought sensor/build my own.

Here the objective was to have a wireless device so adding a wired supply defeats the purpose… :wink:

Not sure which automation solution you are using but for wired sensors I am using Sonoff basic + Tasmota + Cat5 and sensors (Temp/humidity/pressure/light levels, etc, etc.)

You can daisychain a bunch of Ds18b20 on a single run of cable and get temperatures for every room in the house + outdoors, pool, hot tub, lake, etc.

Efficient, reliable and cheap (about 15$ for the Sonoff basic and all sensors)

Can someone give a hint what to do on my below explained issue?
I have a RF bridge with Pilight which works fine with: a R8H, a smoke detector, a water leakage sensor, a switch and a door sensor but doesn’t detect a R8S.
I changed the batteries, I pressed the test button, I changed the channel but nothing happen.
Also, this isn’t decoded by RFLink but I received something when I push test button. As far I understood isn’t well supported by RFLink.

Do you have the last version of Pilight or the developement branch of OMG ?

I’m using development branch of OMG.

With PIO or arduino ide ?

I used PIO and I added below code into platformio.ino as in the post

default_envs = Sonoff-RFBridge-Pilight

platform = ${com.esp8266_platform}
board = esp8285
lib_deps =

build_flags =
board_build.flash_mode = dout

Any idea? Is any way to debug the received data?

Did you changed the tolerance as advised into the post?

Yes, but w/o effect. I tried with 200 and 300.

After this I did some troubleshooting and found that R8S (protocol TFA when is decoded) isn’t decoded after nexus protocol is introduced in Pilight for R8H.
With the same configuration file, using the development, I did below tests:

  • delete from protocol_header.h all TFA protocols but keep nexus.h: R8H is recognized but nothing on R8S
  • delete from protocol_header.h the nexus.h and introduce all TFA protocols: R8S is recognized but not R8H, which is normal; BTW R8S is decoded twice

I am not an expert but for me looks like a conflict between these libraries. I checked if tfa.h has any change comparing with previous Pilight release but isn’t the case.

Any idea what else to do?

with andurino ide i just add pilight 0.17 lib i have :

Is it from a R8S or a R8H?

Anyway, I will try the Arduino IDE and comeback with updates.

it’s from from digoo r8h

This is working for me also.
My issue is with R8S :frowning:

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Easy to say. Difficult to do. In fact I get errors when trying to use rfbridge libraries.
I’m thinking to abandon R8S troubleshooting and spend my time on other projects.

I will test mine R8S with the new libraries this WE if you want.

Please, if you have time.

You are right, the last version of ESPilight v0.17.0 doesn’t work anymore with DG-R8S but work with DG-R8H

  • With Pilight v0.17.0 R8S KO, R8H OK
  • With Pilight v0.16.2 R8S OK, R8H KO