DIGOO DG-R8S 433MHZ battery operated temperature and humidity sensor with embedded display




For information this cheap temperature and humidity sensor (DIGOO DG-R8S) is compatible with OMG (use ZgatewayPilight):

Affiliated link

Here is an example of what you can get from it:

The good message is from protocol “tfa”

Is Digoo DG-R8H temperature/humidity sensor supported?
Looking for 433mhz temp/humidity sensor for OpenMQTTGateway

Hi Florian,

I own several Digoo DG-R8H sensors that are supported by RFLink.
Do you think it is possible that OMG might handle them as well?
I’m not familiar with ZgatewayPilight and currently have my OMG@Wemos D1 mini configured as ZgatewayRF only.



Yes I think it is possible, and I will be interested by your tests. If you can try to put ZgatewayPilight to your board and see if you pick up the data it could be great.


What needs to be done exactly? I can see nothing about it on Wiki (or just don’t know where to look)


Yes it is on the v0.9beta, you need to uncomment ZgatewayPilight and comment the other gateways.


If I just uncomment ZgatewayPilight and comment the other gateways (including ZgatewayRF) and leave receiver/transmitter connected as for ZgatewayRF, I can see nothing from OMG in mqtt logs apart from online/offline/sys messages.
No meaningful output in serial monitor as previously mentioned :frowning:
Anything else I can try?


Did you try to press some remote control buttons or to make closer your weather stations?
Could you post a dedicated topic maybe so as to don’t go off topic for this one.