DIGOO DG-R8S 433MHZ battery operated temperature and humidity sensor with embedded display

Also, there are some issues with the protocol being recognized as either Tunex or Xiron. Only the Tunex ID gets updated regularly.

well, it’s ok if it oscillates between 2 IDs, but I saw more…:\

regarding the bug, in my case it happens with RFLink AND OMG… maybe they both use some common code like rcswitch or something? as I have receivers relatively close to se sensors and still, that happens so I don’t think it’s a poor reception… but I might be wrong

Yes, I’ve seen that too (in addition to Tunex and Xiron there are some other entities that appear). It seems that manufacturers are using a lot of low quality parts and that causes interference. This is my setup for rflink (I’m ignoring all the entities below so that only tunex remains):

  port: /dev/ttyUSB0
  wait_for_ack: false
  reconnect_interval: 600
    - auriol*
    - bl*
    - fine*
    - renkforcee*
    - alecto*
    - digitech*
    - xiron*