Sonoff RF Bridge: Documentation uncomment "#include "config_SRFB.h"" not in user_config.h?

Okay, after much playing, I finally got an RF Bridge flashed successfully with Arduino.
It’s wifi OpenMQTTGateway came up, I went to the wifi manager on, successfully setup to my home wifi, and got succssful connection with the mqtt server.

All good so far.

But then, when I switch off the RF Bridge, off, then on (testing a power cycle), the unit does not connect to my wifi anymore, and fires up the OpenMQTTGateway again.

  1. So, it does not look like it is keeping its settings? where do I start looking for the problem?

  2. Scondly, when it does bind to my wifi after the first setup in the Wifi Manager, I can ping the IP, but their is no web interface on that IP, is this by design?

I used the manual wifi config mode, entered my mqtt & wifi detals in config.h, so now the RF Bridge is joining the wifi & mqtt is working after a power cycle. Have not been able to prove that RF works yet.

A question: The documentation for sonoff rfb here: says to only uncomment:

  • #define ZgatewaySRFB
  • #include "config_SRFB.h"

But I do not find config_SRFB in user_config.h - I assume the documentation refers to older code?

Hello, regarding:

I am still not getting my RF to work, and are wondering if it is this? I am not finding this in User_config.h?

it is not called into user_config.h, the call is made into OpenMQTTGateway.ino

You don’t need to touch this, just uncomment this line and comment the other modules

I’ve just edited that page to reflect the only uncomment action that’s required as it was confusing before that (imho).