Sonoff RF Bridge - efm8bb1 firmware - OMG cordova app with firebase

Hey i found this and

Did anyone try to update stock efm8bb1firmware?

I made a simple http api for firebase db read-write and fcm (for push notifications) which works on my cordova app.
Esp device is like a room which users can subscribe in firebase db.

My plan:
1-get 433MHz and IR codes and store in 64k fs of esp
2-push new positions of devices to firebase db
3-if device have a condition for push notification firebase cloud function will send an alarm to app.

Web hosting is free and secure becuase it is google and you can manage thousands of devices with current limits of firebase.
Cordova app will be interface for ios and android so i will not use **** web hosting.
Cloud functions is like a node.js server so i can get http requests and read-write to firebase db or send push notifications.

I dont have experince with OMG but it look likes a good base for a cordova app with a firebase backend

So did anyone try to update stock efm8bb1firmware?

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Sorry Non_Or_Away for not answering your question.

I would like to ask you my own question: have you used a sonoff switch for sending command via firebase? If this is the case, I would like to read a guide on how to do this (for DUMMIES as me!)

Thank you very much