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Sonoff RF Bridge extended range

I have a sonoff rf bridge and i need to replace the receive antenna cause i have rf module that the bridge didn’t get the code .
any idea ?


How far is it from the bridge?

10 meter i think… the problem module is like 20 meter from bridge and the bridge is in my warehouse

Could you indicate what brand/model of module we are talking about ?

this product.

oh, unfortunately this is one of the more powerfull that I know.

The different possibilities are:

  • add another rf bridge in your wifi coverage but closer to the sensor
  • move your existing rf bridge, but I think you already think about it
  • Modify the RF bridge receiver antenna
  • Modifiy the sensor emitter antenna
  • FInd a more powerfull door sensor (I haven’t done some db test with my range yet)

this is what i am looking for… can you help me with that ??

OK i have been modified the antenna its now recognize over 50m…
i just remove the left antenna(near the buzzer) and take network wire(1 from the 8 wire) and soldering it to board and its now much longer. the wire is about 60-70 cm long.

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You were lucky if you get better performance without having done some math. Indeed the antenna length should be calculated following the wavelength of the frequency.
But if it works I will let it like that :slight_smile:

Well the happy was too early.
I managed to improve the absorption slightly but probably not enough because I can’t absorb the module that is farther away.
I’d love to get you the antenna size calculation formula.

Theoreticaly 17.3cm
here is some reading:

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@1technophile I tried to mess with the antenna but unsuccessfully, there is probably an antenna power limit.
Anyway I ordered another board called GT-38, but unfortunately I can’t operate it.
Is there any chance you have experience with this board?

Unfortunately no :frowning:

Sorry to comment on an old post but I’m still stuck with it.
I bought another RF bridge I put it in a box with another WIFI module and less than 4 meters away it receives the signal from the RF sensor.
I’m already crazy about it … I bought a SRX882 433Mhz module and it’s not that long term either, is there a way to make good reception for RF products?
I was told that there might be a problem in the sensor that has a really short antenna, it has an LED. Will I turn off the LED that will give more power to the transmission?

Apologies again for all questions but I can’t finish this project !!!

I don’t think so.

Do you power it with 5V?

Sure with 5v… but now its look like the moudle didnt work… does he need the CS pin connect to 5v also ?

That’s what I used as a source of information, take a look.