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Sonoff rf-bridge online but no MQTT messages from test devices

Hi, I’m a new user of OMG,

I have a sonoff rf-bridge which is on my network and announcing to Mosquito MQTT but no test device/sensor messages are appearing on MQTT despite the red led flashing which I believe indicates a transmission has been received(?).

I’m hoping someone can help me understand why I’m not seeing device/sensor messages as I seem to have exhausted steps/ideas from the docs and community posts.

I have a rev2 board. Since no message had been received (and not knowing why/or better) I modified the board with the direct hack ( to give a wider set of remote control code support.

In follow-up I found a suggested platformio.ini env configuration in the forum which I have embellished with wifi ssid and password, and mqtt server params, as:

platform = ${com.esp8266_platform}
board = esp8285
lib_deps =
build_flags =
board_build.flash_mode = dout

(wifi credentials dont seem to take and I still need to use the network manager wizard to configure ssid/password ?)

I have performed an erase (pio run --target erase) as re-flash for good measure but with the same outcome.

In MQTT explorer I see 2 topic trees:
(1 - OMG server name I set)

  • LWT = Online
  • version = version_tag (should this have a value?)
  • SYStoMQTT = (shortened)uptime:version:freemem:rssi:SSID:ip:mac:wifiprt:modules=PilightHADDiscovery

(2 - homeassistant)


  • [MAC Address]


  • [MAC Address]restart
  • [MAC Address]erase


  • [MAC Address]gatewayPilight

I assume home assistant is out of the box, its not anything I’ve configured. None of binary_sensor, switch, sensor topics/values change when I activate my test devices.

My test devices are a magnetic door open sensor and a generic 433 keyfob with 4 buttons that I acquired from banggood - as mentioned previously all actions with either door sensor or keyfob trigger a red led on the rf-bridge.

Let me know if there is any other detail I can proivde to explain my setup.

Please let me know what I’ve overlooked or done wrong.



Could you try with this configuration instead of Pilight one:

platform = ${com.esp8266_platform}
board = esp8285
lib_deps =
build_flags =
board_build.flash_mode = dout


Thanks for responding.

I took the env section you supplied and merged it into my platformio.ini, then set default_envs = rfbridge-rf.

I set the switch on the board to the off position and connected using my FTDI programmer.

I erased the device (pio run --target erase) for good measure, then flashed with the new config.

I moved the switch position back to on and powered up.

Once added to my network the device announced itself to MQTT albeit now with a slightly differently named topic hierarchy.

I repeated my tests (keyfob and magnetic door sensor) both result in the red light flashing but unfortunately nether test resulted in a topic/message being triggered/delivered.

I wonder, have I missed something fundamental? should I be doing anything with the button to enrol a device before seeing messages from it?


Not necessary.

If you activate your serial monitor, what do you see?
Could you post an extract?


The log looks as follows:



The logs are strange after the Received json,

Could you post a picture of your hardware modified also, so as to verify the wiring?

Topside image:


Underside image:


I also have the same problem.
I had OMG 0.9.4 dev before and was working,
but in the mean time I have changed the PC and I just wanted to refresh OMG.

So today I reprogram the SonOFF RF Bridge (hardware hacked) with OMG 0.9.5
and I just have the red LED flash when I push a remote RF433 (from an allarm)
but no MQTT data.

I cancelled all MQTT topics using MQTT Exlporer and then restart SonOFF RF
all the static topic was recreated… but no data:

In VSCode I push the “Terminal Monitor” but is not work…
In order to make it work I must let the USB port or I must put the FDI programmer ? or all two ?

Thanks in advance for the help


Could you try to flash v0.9.4 back so as to see if it comes from v0.9.5 ?