Sonoff RF Bridge WIFI not coming up



I am quite new to this but I have flashed a Sonoff RF Bridge with the ESPeasyflasher with the latest Openmqttgateway bin file. I get a ‘Flash finished’ message but after switching the boardswitch back to ‘on’ I don’t see a new WIFI network coming up (I understand that there should be a new network with SSID openmqttgateway).
Is there something I might have missed?

p.s. the main reason for me to use openmqttgateway is KAKU support.

Thanks in advance.



If you want the kaku support you should go to another board like esp8266, esp32 or arduino. Indeed with sonoff rf bridge we are limited by the internal RF decoder and OMG will not be able to read or emit KAKU with SONOFF RF BRIDGE. Nevertheless I ve seen some mod to bypass the internal rf controller, it can be a track to follow.



That is good to know, I got the assumption that it would work this way but I guess I am wrong. It doesn’t change the fact that I can’t get the ‘openmqttgateway’ WIFI network up and running however.

Thanks for now.